Welcome to ZContemporary

ZContemporary is an art gallery based in Hamburg, Germany, with a main focus on promoting talented contemporary artists, as well as providing art advisory services for institutions and private individuals.


We believe in the power of compelling, inspirational art and value outstanding creativity, which plays a fundamental role in our society on every level. We are representing early and mid-career international artists, focusing on contemporary abstract art. Our aim is achieving a higher level of visibility for our artists and creating value by presenting our collectors a high-quality portfolio.


We strongly believe in collaborative relationships between galleries and other art institutions. By establishing valuable partnerships and cooperations, we are creating a management hub for the artists and a broader exposure on the local and global art market.


Living in a time when networking and fast communication have a tremendous power, we are striving to help our artists build important relationships in the art world, both with other artists and art institutions. We are currently focusing on local exhibitions in Hamburg, as well as digital projects and online promotion services for artists, with the aim of increasing their market exposure and introducing new talents to relevant target groups. 




ZContemporary is member of Landesverband Hamburger Galerien e.V -

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