Gallery Director

Andreea Zecheru is a visual artist and gallery owner based in Hamburg, Germany.

After having graduated Law and Marketing, she has been working in the advertising business, until she gradually started giving more space to her passion, painting. For the past twelve years she has been fully focusing on her artistic career, winning a large experience in the art business.


Working as a visual artist enlarged her horizon immensely, opening her the unique opportunity to create freely and bringing her on a completely new, yet exciting path. She has joined many art projects, both as a visual artist and an artist manager. Foremost, she has always enjoyed collaborating with other artists, so over the years many valuable contacts have been established.


The aim of discovering and promoting high-quality contemporary art, is one of her missions. Because living in a time of information overload, a time of supersaturation on each level of the society, leads to the danger of overseeing great potentials.

By bringing together her professional experience and skills from various disciplines, she founded ZContemporary, permanently focusing on her core mission: to set new accents and impulses into the art scene with exciting and enriching talent discoveries.