"After studies in humanities and arts, I worked as a teacher and completed an artistic education in painting as a master student. I further have been in a long-standing cooperation with the artist group eigenART and initiated as well as participated in various other art projects. Next to my love for painting, I always had a passion for object art, which led me to join a goldsmith and learn his craft. 


Today, I live as a freelance artist in Essen (Germany) and I am a member of the producer gallery dieserART in Essen’s liveliest district. My paintings, jewelry and sculptures are part of national and international exhibitions."


Artist Statement


"In my informal, process-oriented style of painting and crafting, I draw from my own emotional resources. This personal touch defines both color design and direction and is the basis for expressive works with different layers, breaks and zones. Following my own creative process, I aim to merge these elements so that they grow together and build a whole." - Gabriele Huesgen



  • Produzentengalerie dieserART, Essen (permanent exhibition)
  • Collective Ruhr, Essen (permanent exhibition)
  • Zeche Königin Elisabeth, Große Galerie, Essen (yearly since 2010)
  • rüART (yearly since 2016)
  • Kunstspur, Essen (yearly since 2016)
  • Kunstsommer in der Galerie, Essen (yearly since 2016)
  • GlückBote, Galerie dieserART, Essen (solo exhibition, 2014)
  • Begegnete Abstraktion, Katakombentheater, Essen (solo exhibition, 2017)
  • MusikArt, Museum Zeittunnel, Wülfrath (solo exhibition, 2017)
  • Schwarze Diamanten des Ruhrgebiets, Elemente Clemente, Düsseldorf (solo exhibition, 2018)
  • MusikWortArt, Galerie dieserART, Essen (solo exhibition, 2018)
  • Summerfeeling, Elemente Clemente, Düsseldorf (solo exhibition, 2019
  • Skulptural, Altes Rathaus Werden, Essen (solo exhibition, 2019)
  • artEssen, Zeche Carl, Essen (art auction, 2019)
  • artomondo, Galerie, Castrop-Rauxel (solo exhibition, 2019)
  • Art Parma Fair, Parma, Italy (art fair, 2019)
  • Große Winterausstellung. Galerie dieserART, Essen (solo exhibition, 2019)
  • brüche im UNkonventionellen, Jacques, Münster (solo exhibition, 2019
  • "Bottomless Art - Welcome 2020" , Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2020)
  • "Abstract Matters", Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2020)
  • "Affordable Art Weeks", Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2020)
  • "Autumn Moods", Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2020)
  • "2020 - A Retrospective", Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2020)
  • "Fast Forward", Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2021)
  • "Women in Art", Berlin Art Week Edition, ZContemporary, Berlin (group exhibition, 2021)
  • "Abstract Stories", Galerie ZContemporary, Hamburg (group exhibition, 2021)


Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 80 cm 


Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm 

"Contra Legem"

Acrylics, oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm 


Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 80 cm 


Mixed media on canvas, 80 x 80 cm 


Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 140 cm