Italian American, Gina Raphaela was born and raised on Long Island the middle child of six. With her father a member of the Genovese Crime Family, Gina learned at an early age how to keep secrets and put a clamp on her self-expression. It was safer that way. 

Despite her childhood environment, she was determined to find a way to express herself creatively. And by the time she was seventeen, she began to explore the art world in New York City. Gina lives on both coasts splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles. 


Influenced by her bold and vibrant Sicilian heritage, Ms. Raphaela's art juxtaposes a masculine sense of danger and provocation with refined finishes. Her creative process begins with an open heart and quiet mind as she attempts to create from an acceptance of the unknown - the ultimate freedom. Gina’ s intent is that the viewer experiences that same freedom. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC and Tokyo and is held by international art collectors. 


Her most recent artistic endeavor, Gina Raphaela Jewelry is a socially conscious fashion brand introducing a selection of no more violence artisanal rings, necklaces and bracelets based on Gina’s fine art which merges fashion, art and social consciousness by creating a unique sense of style while giving back to the world. The company's philanthropic support will provide a percentage of all proceeds to be donated directly to non-profit organizations striving to enhance the quality of life, while raising awareness and making a stand for no more violence.

Gina Raphaela Jewelry, launched October 2015 and is currently sold at



Artist Statement


At its best, art gives what society longs for: to be moved by shape, form, color and continuous flow. Consequently, artists often provoke social change and stimulate debate, whether we intend to or not. I intend to. 

Essentially, my art is sourced from the emotionality and beauty of life with the intention that the viewer absorbs the complexities of life through my work, which always begins from a space of non-judgment, no mind, no goal. Freedom from a way things should be lays the foundation for everything I create.

~ Gina Raphaela


Acrylic, ink, resin on canvas, 127 x 149,8 x 6,3 cm 


Acrylic, ink, resin on canvas, 213,3 x 172,7 x 6,3 cm 

"Phenomenon" series (black/orange)

Original art print on metal, 76,2 x 76,2

"Phenomenon" series (pink)

Original art print on metal, 76,2 x 76,2

"Phenomenon" series (black/white)

Original art print on metal, 76,2 x 76,2


Acrylic, ink, resin on canvas, 60,96 x 60,96 x 3,8 cm 


Acrylics on canvas, 91,44 x 121,92 x 3,8 cm 


(selected creations)


"SAFE" ("See All Faces Equal") necklace

This is worn by Mr. Martin Gore from Depeche Mode

Safety pin (does not open), polished white brass, stainless steel

24" chain with clasp

Available on:

"BELLA" diamond cuff


Matte finished gold-plated brass, silver plated and rose gold plated bendable cuff, polished gold plated brass bullet, gypsy-set round white diamonds

Available on:

"SYNERGY" ring

Hand crafted deconstructive bullet, gold plated brass bullets

Available on: