Juan-Pablo Villacura Vásquez was born in 1986 in Valdivia, Chile and is based in Münster, Germany.

From 2012 to 2013 he studied at Universidad de Chile. He is holding a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Fine Arts.



Artist Statement


"Signs, forms of nature, streets, rap. Abstract expressionism + multi-composition (horror vacui) pre-Columbian art. It looks intimate and distant. Multidirectional without hierarchy or interruption, organised accumulation against distraction, against reduction (emoticon)." - Juan Pablo Villacura Vásquez


"Continuing the abstract tradition, Juan Pablo Villacura (1986, Valdivia, Chile) separates the work from its narrative discourse, using an absurd humorous and everyday logic to distance the painting from its title - "One week, thank you", "More", "The children are on holiday, I can paint!", "Children/Swimming = Sunday", "Decision at 7:47pm", "This or not?", "Now! but you can't" - exemplifing the intention to open infinite horizons of interpretation for the viewer. Using acrylic paint, pencils and spray paint, he develops an iconography that shows the canvas as a place where an existential event has just taken place. A kind of negative on which the metaphysical traces of a personality have been captured, showing multilayered impressions of its microcosmic universe.


Villacura's work is the expression of a human memory, far removed from reason and his biography. A collection of iconographies beyond symbol and meaning: spots, colour fields, shades, graffiti and arches; collages of irregular shapes in which only the circle represents a completed geometric form and is present as a spectrum in the majority of his paintings. Villacura experiments with "pictorial technology", forms of exploration of his inner worlds. His canvases are a reflection of his microcosmic firmament."

- Ricardo Mancilla Garay, Kunstkurator, Chile




  • 2021 II:II, Neue Malerei, WestLotto, WL86.9, Münster, Deutschland (solo show)
  • 2021 Es ist kein Training !, ECHTWERT Galerie, Münster, Deutschland (solo show)
  • 2021 Fresh Perspectives Pt.2, Londonpaintingclub.com (group show)
  • 2019 Nach unten offen, Forum für Kunst und Architektur, Essen, Deutschland (group show)
  • 2019 Zuschlag_02, Freunde der Kunstakademie Münster, Westlotto, Münster, Deutschland (group show)



"Entscheidung um 19:47 Uhr" ("Decision at 19:47 pm")

Oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas, 150 x 120 cm 

"Ok, Go!"

Oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas, 140 x 125 cm 


Oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas, 140 x 90 cm 


"Blasinstrument, das Sandstürme verursacht"

("Wind instrument that causes sandstorms")

Oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas, 200 x 175 cm 


Oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas, 220 x 195 cm 


Oil sticks, spray paint, acrylic, ink on canvas, 210 x 150 cm