Artist Statement


"The main theme of my artistic work lies in the field of "free painting" (diploma), in figurative and abstract painting, in the most diverse possibilities of color harmony and the variations of form.


The compositional aspect of each individual work is absolutely important to me in all the differences that my artworks can show. When working on the composition of an artwork, the development of the pictorial space with playful means is just as important to me as the constant pencil sketches and watercolour studies as preparing stages for my oil paintings. In my most recent oil artworks I already start sketching/drawing with the pointed brush on the canvas. It is a spontaneity and directness that I have acquired in my many pencil sketches and so I have learned to compose my larger oil artworks in the same way.Actually, before the drawing element in my work comes the colour. I have been developing this since I became a freelance artist and a typical colour spectrum has developed, which distinguishes my paintings. 


The immediacy between the work I am painting and the intended one, my painting habits, the deliberate detours or even coincidences from which I am inspired, the flow that can arise – all are very important for my work. The outcome usually remains open to the creative process, which is linked to many phases of concentration in between. Each individual painting can have a very different effect due to these factors. As a result, my works belong to the same theme, but can also stand on their own, independently." 


- Sebastian Mayrle



Biography / CV

  • born in 1977, lives and works in Düsseldorf
  • 2021: Painting (Plein air) against the restrictions in art and culture in the pandemic. Motto: "What works?"- organisation and realisation of the event (in front of the Düsseldorf Landtag)
  • 2020 - 2019: RfK Co - Atelier/Börnestraße in Düsseldorf
  • 2019: Awarding of the Creatorscard, Museum NRW - Forum, Düsseldorf
  • 2019: Publication of his first art book: Sebastian Mayrle - Portraits 2013 - 2018
  • 2018: Guest lecturer with Professor Stefan Kürten at the Düsseldorf Art Academy
  • 2019 - 2018: KHP - Ateliers/ Düsseldorf
  • Since 2018 belongs to the artists of the HWL - Gallery (Düsseldorf) 
  • 2017-2013: Studies with Jens Kilian in fine arts at the FAfM in Düsseldorf - Reisholz
  • Graduated with a diploma in "Free Painting"
  • 2013-2012: Gallery assistant, Burkhard Eikelmann Gallery, Düsseldorf
  • 2009, 2010 and 2011: art awards in the Epson art competition (2x first and 1x second


Selected Exhibitions

  • 2021: HWL Gallery, Düsseldorf - Pempelfort (solo exhibition)
  • 2021: Art on a Postcard, Hepatitis C Trust, London/UK (Auction)
  • 2020: Azaro Art Spaces Gallery, Hamburg - Hafencity (group exhibition)
  • 2019: RfK Off-Galerie, Düsseldorf - Japanviertel (solo exhibition)
  • 2018: HWL Gallery, Düsseldorf - Pempelfort (solo exhibition)
  • 2006: Ministry of Culture, Berlin (group exhibition)
  • 2006: Kunstmuseum Baden, Solingen (group exhibition)
  • 2006 Maxhaus, Düsseldorf - Carlstadt (group exhibition)

"The Joshua Tree"

Oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm 

"Landschaftspark 1/4"

Oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm 

"Die unendliche Geschichte"

Oil on canvas, 180 x 200 cm

"Sixtinischer Himmel"

Oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm 

"Landschaftspark 2/4"

Oil on canvas, 130 x 150 cm 

"Angel Heart"

Oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm