Timoteo Sceverti was born in San Benedetto del Tronto in 1971 and after an artistic high school education, he completed his studies in Milan at the European Institute of Design.


A multifaceted and curious artist, he ranges and experiments with the various fields of art; he moves from the creation of single-copy art books, which wins the 1992 Lombardy Region Prize, to graphics, which becomes his profession, and finally to painting, which he has always been in love with.


From Milan, he moved to the island of Cyprus where he was fascinated by the Mediterranean imagery of the God Pan. Back in Milan, he collaborated with Vogue Italia; he then frequented the artistic circles of Berlin and lived for a period of time in Jamaica, where he established a close collaboration with the JBDC Jamaican Business Development Centre, teaching the island's young people and women graphics and design applied to sustainable development.


His travels and professional experiences enriched his cultural and artistic baggage and the formal plasticism of his early works was enriched with the transparent colors of the Mediterranean and the vivid tones of the Caribbean, shifting towards refined informal visions. He has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Bologna, Milan, San Benedetto del Tronto, Pesaro, Lisbon, Cyprus, Jamaica, the Republic of San Marino and many other places.


His works can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. Chosen as an Italian exponent, he was included in the shortlist of the best international artists by the Art Bank of Asia.


Today he lives and works in Italy, in the Abruzzo region.


Artist Statement


"My work is inspired by nature and my paintings are an appeal to respect the ecosystem. I use mostly natural materials such as tempera, putty, cotton fabrics on wooden boards that I custom design and produce.


I think respect is the foundation of every relationship, the principle on which to build lasting and sustainable cooperation and interchange. My goal is to leave a mark of beauty and peace.


I live the pictorial experience as a means of pure pleasure to feel emotions, to convey feelings. My stylistic and chromatic research is aimed at building a creative expression that speaks a common language. I believe that collaboration and interchange with other artists can generate new ways of rethinking the time we live in." - Timoteo Sceverti






  • 2023, Timoteo Sceverti, Civic Museum Forte Malatesta, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
  • 2018, A Mare, Paese Alto, Grottammare, Italy
  • 2017, Beyond the Water, Aurum, Pescara, Italy
  • 2016, Energy and color, LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2016, Timoteo Sceverti Beyond the Water, Civic Museum G.B. Bosio, Desenzano del Garda, Italy
  • 2015, Bagliori, Alexander Museum Palace, Pesaro, Italy
  • 2015, Energy and color, Works in Progress Gallery, Republic of San Marino
  • 2014, Timoteo Sceverti, The Cherry County, Pedaso, Italy
  • 2013, Beyond the Water, Palazzo Raffaello, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy
  • 2012, The Smeraldo collection, Smeraldo Suites and Spa, San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy


  • 2019, European Artists Event X, London, UK
  • 2019, At the borders of the ego, le muse atelier, Pescara, Italy
  • 2017, Art Show, Caelum Gallery, New York City, NYC
  • 2017, The informal in Italy, Space Images Gallery, Cremona, Italy
  • 2016, 66th international art review, Giovan Battista Salvi award, Sassoferrato, Italy
  • 2016, Art Flyer Gallery, Rome, Italy
  • 2015, Artes&Co, Castorano, Italy
  • 2014, Artes&Co, LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2011, Micro, Kaos Cultural Association, Bologna, Italy
  • 2011, Hitec Hituch, JBDC Jamaican Business Develpment Center, Kingston, Jamaica
  • 1996, Wunderkammer, Wunderkammerstudio, Milan, Italy
  • 1994, Graphics and art, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy



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  • 2016, Timoteo Sceverti, Beyond the water. Litorali di luce, curated by Marino Capretti and Elisa Mori
  • 2015, Timoteo Sceverti Energy, color, curated by Regina Queiroz
  • 2015, Timoteo Sceverti, Bagliori, curated by Elisa Mori
  • 2014, Timoteo Sceverti, The county of cherry trees, curated by Marino Capretti
  • 2012, Timoteo Sceverti, The Smeraldo collection, curated by Loretta Mozzoni





Mixed media on wood, 100 x 150 cm


Mixed media on wood, diptych, each work 40 x 40 cm


Mixed media on wood, triptych, each work 40 x 40 cm  


Mixed media on wood, 45 x 135 cm  


Mixed media on wood, 100 x 150 cm

"Giochi d'acqua" 

Mixed media on wood, diptych, each work 40 x 40 cm


Mixed media on wood, 45 x 135 cm 

"Fili d'acqua"

Mixed media on wood, 45 x 135 cm