Our consulting services for artists are based on artist's individual situation and needs.


1. Extended consultancy (1 hour)


A complete review, evaluation analysis of how you are presenting your art to the public. Topics covered include:

  • how to more effectively organize and present your art both online and in real life
  • website evaluation and recommendations
  • speaking and writing about your art (for your website, statement, announcements, emails, social media, etc.)
  • evaluation and recommendations for improving your online profile and social media pages
  • a review of your selling prices
  • pointers on how to get increased exposure for your art
  • ways to increase your following and broaden your audience
  • selling your art both online and at physical locations
  • tips on how to identify and approach galleries and other venues for possible shows or representation
  • other services, based on artist's individual needs


2. Specific consulting services (0,5 hour)



This kind of consulting is a specific review of certain topics:

  • Pricing strategy, learning how to explain your artwork prices to potential buyers
  • Review of your social media profile and recommendations on how to improve it
  • Ways to present your art to a broad audience in an interesting way
  • Analysis of existing website, recommendations on how to improve it (or how to build a new one)
  • How to identify, approach and make contact with dealers, galleries, collectors or other exhibition venues
  • How to build and maintain a good relationship with clients
  • Build and polish your image as an artist, both online and offline
  • How to build and maintain good contacts to other artists, how to use your network for your professional targets

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